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Postal address Padre Damián, 41
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 703 76 00 Fax +34 91 703 76 04
Other addresses
Postal address Avda. Madariaga, 1 – 5ª Pl.
E-48014 Bilbao. Spain

Telephone +34 94 448 86 00 Fax +34 94 447 99 50
Company data
Management team

General Manager: Manuel Martín Abella. Division I Director: Manuel Iguacel Abeigón. Division II Director: Enrique Ortiz Aparicio. Division III/Basque Region Director: José Antonio González González. Technical Director: Ignacio Busturia Pereda. Studies and Development Director: Emilio José Machín Daganzo. Finance Director: Alberto Buceta Fernández. Plant Fleet Director: José Ramón Yannone de Sobrino. HR Director: José Antonio Rodríguez Rojas.

Main products and services

RAILWAYS: High technology for railways specialising in renovation, construction and maintenance of new and existing railway lines (both HST and conventional), as well as metro and tram lines. Own track-machinery fleet for all gauges at Pancorbo (Burgos) with direct rail link. CONSTRUCTION: Motorways, roads, water works, urban development, environmental actions.


Top products: TRACK: 1. HST Track-Laying Machines, 2. Machine for Positioning and Squaring Railway Sleepers. Squaring Machine y 3. Machine for Automatic Levelling and Alignment of Track on. 

Activity Construction of all kinds of civil works, buildings and special works, specialising in the construction and maintenance of railway infra- and superstructure for HST lines, conventional lines, and tram and metro systems.
Activities by year

Main business areas: INFRESTRUCTURE AND SUPERSTRUCTURE FOR HST LINES. Córdoba–Málaga HST line. Platform and track, Section: Gobantes–Abdalajis Tunnel; Madrid–Zaragoza–Barcelona– French Border HST Line. Extension and improvement of Barcelona Sants station and surrounding area. Infrastructure, tracks and platforms/Track-laying, Section: Villafranca–Barcelona. Subsection: Olérdola–Sant Joan D´Espí/Platform and track, Section: Urban tunnels and Gerona Station. Phase I; Madrid–Galicia HST line. Section: Silleda–Vedra–Boqueixón/Project design and track-laying. Section: Olmedo–Pedralba de la Pradería/Platform, Section: Portocamba–Cerdedelo/Platform, Section: Prado tunnel. Left track; Vitoria–Bilbao–San Sebastián HST line. Platform. Section: Arrazua–Ubarrundia–Leguitano. Subsection II; Madrid–Valladolid HST line. Section: Refurbishment of tracks at Madrid Chamartin station/Platform and track, Section: Soto del Real–Segovia. Guadarrama tunnels/Track-lating and gauge changer. Section: Olmedo–Medina del Campo; Bobadilla–Granada HST line. Platform, Section: Archidona–Arroyo de la Negra/Platform, Section: Arroyo de la Viñuela–Quejigares/Platform, Section: Peña de los Enamorados–Archidona (Archidona viaduct)/Track renovation, Section: Quejigares–Loja; Madrid–Costa Blanca HST line. Platform and track, Section: Links to Albacete/Platform: Section: San Isidro–Orihuela/Gabaldón track-laying base/Track-laying. Section: Caudete–Alicante and Almansa–La Encina; Seville–Cádiz HST line. Platform, Section: Utrera–Las Cabezas de San Juan/Track and electrification. Section: Utrera–Jerez Airport. Subsection: Utrera–Las Cabezas de San Juan; Atlantic Link. Platform and track. Section: Uxes–Pocomaco (La Coruña)/River Ulla viaduct; Valladolid–Palencia–León HST line. Track-laying. Section: Palencia–Villada; Valladolid– Burgos HST line. Track-laying. Section: Venta de Baños–Quintana del Puente; Special Works: Platform and track for UIC-gauge rail link between Atocha and Chamartín stations (Madrid)/Works for project to extend the Atocha complex. Phase I.
HST-TRACK MAINTENANCE: Madrid–Seville HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Adamuz–Seville (2010–2014 and 2015–2018); Córdoba–Málaga HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Córdoba–Málaga (2010–2014 and 2015–2018); Madrid–Zaragoza–Barcelona–French Border HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Zaragoza–Barcelona (2010–2014)/Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Barcelona–Figueras (2011–2014); Madrid–Costa Blanca HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Madrid–Valencia (2013–2016); Madrid–Valladolid HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions, Section: Madrid–Valladolid (2015–2018) and Section: Olmedo–Pedralba de la Pradería (25 years)
CONVENTIONAL LINES: ADIF. Railway actions: Track renovation on Huesca–Canfranc line. Section: Caldearenas–Jaca. /New Intxaurrondo station. Integration in urban environment/Covering rail box at Vigo-Urzáiz station. Phases I, II and provisional station/Mediterranan Corridor. Renovation of track and catenary. Section: Moncófar–Castellón, Valencia Nord–Sagunto and Sagunto–Castellón / Track renovation. Section: Torrelavega–Santander/Renewal of Almoraima–Algeciras section on Bobadilla–Algeciras line. Subsections from km 1+200 to km 3+100 and from km 6+800 to km 21+600; Elimination of level crossings; Maintenance: Works to prevent fires on conventional lines during 2008–2011 period/Preventive Treatment Plan for Infrastructure, Track and corrective interventions on the Iberian-gauge line of the PTIV conventional network during the period 1 January 2012–31 December 2016 Lot E1: León, Lot C2: Irún, and Lot C1: Burgos;
Department of Railways (Dirección General de Ferrocarriles): Underground link between Atocha and Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid)/Track renovation, Section: Villacañas Alcázar de San Juan. /Barcelona–Puigcerdá line. Track renovation and platform treatment. Section: Ripoll–Puigcerdá (Gerona)/Madrid Commuter Services. Modifications of lines C-3 and C-4 at link to Atocha station/Refurbishment of south head at Chamartín/Burial of Málaga–Fuengirola railway line. Section: Los Prados–Airport
SEITT: Station at Jerez de la Frontera Airport and supplementary works/ Refurbishment of Malgrat de Mar commuter-services station.
Renfe Operations (Operadora): Full refurbishment of Tolosa Station/Extension of train-maintenace workshops at Montcada/Maintenance base for electric train units at Jerez de la Frontera.
Renfe Passenger Services (Viajeros): Works to improve access to Bellavista station (Seville)/Access improvements at Pinto station (Madrid)/Access-improvement works at Los Boliches station (Málaga).
METRIC-GAUGE LINES: Track-renovation works: Beranga and Gama stations, Line: Ferrol–Bilbao/Section: Vidiago–Bridge over river Cabra/Section: Xuvia, Cerdido and Ortigueira stations/Section: Balmaseda–Aranguren/Section: Unquera–Cabezón. Railway works: New rail link to Ceasa–Ence from Navia. Section: 1 and 2. Maintenance: Preventive Treatment Plan for Infrastructure and Track and corrective interventions on Adif lines, metric-gauge network, Lot A: Galicia and Asturias/Lot B: Cantabria, Vizcaya and Castile & León
STATE PORTS (PUERTOS DEL ESTADO) For Tarragona Port Authority: Construction of railway tracks at Aragón Quay/Renovation of tracks at Reus Quay; For Huelva Port Authority: Extension of pavement and railway track at Ciudad de Palos Quay/Railway terminal in South Zone; For Cádiz Bay Port Authority: Construction of interior railway branch lines at La Cabezuela–Puerto Real; For Algeciras Port Authority: Reinforcement of quay and pile-driven beam at Juan Carlos I container terminal for new cranes; For Barcelona Port Authority: Extension of track on adjacent quay/Rail link at Energía Quay/Refurbishment of railway intersections; For Pasajes Port Authority: Extension of track yard at Lezo; La Coruña Port Authority: Improvements to railway tracks in various areas; For Avilés Port Authority: Construction project to connect rail links to quays on right bank of estuary at the Port of Avilés; For Seville Port Authority: Functional improvements at Tablada Quay/Rehabilitation project for Armamento Quay for goods-train movements.
OTHER RAILWAY AUTHORITIES For Zaragoza HST 2002: New railway complex on Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA) for transfer of La Almozara, CIM and Delicias facilities; For ETS: Vitoria-Gasteiz tram. Phase 1 Centre branch/Orio bypass on Bilbao–Donostia railway line/ Track renovation, Section: Sondika–Derio/Splitting of Bilbao–Donostia line, Section: Añorga–Rekalde, Lasarte–Rekalde and Ermua/Mechanised track maintenance for ETS railway lines. Bilbao–Ermua. Lot 1: Bilbao–Ermua/Amara external brigade for track maintenance/Works to execute track-superstructure construction project for Bilbao metro line 3. Section 1 San Antonio–Casco Viejo; For Basque Regional Government: Elimination of Maidagan level crossing on Bilbao metro line 1. /Construction of civil works to extend Bilbao tram network. Section: Basurto–Rekalde; For Vizcaya Transport Consortium: Track-laying for Bilbao metro line 2. Section: Portugalete–Santurtzi/Track-laying for Bilbao metro. Section: Santurtzi–Kabiezes/Track renovation. Section: Larrabasterra–Urduliz; For Bilbao Ría 2000: Covering ADIF tracks from new BI-3739 road to Rontegi bridge in Baracaldo/Burial of Basurto FEVE line phase 1; For Bilbao Metro: Maintenance of track superstructure and mechanised conservation of Bilbao Metro, on common section (Basauri–San Inazio), Line 1 (San Inazio–Plentzia) and Line 2 (San Inazio–Santurtzi); For Tenerife Metro: Section I Santa Cruz de Tenerife–La Laguna light railway/Tenerife tram Line 2, La Cuesta–Tincer. Section IV Tincer; For FGV: Track superstructure, Section: Mislata–Quart de Poblet/Track renovation and electrification of Alicante–Denia FGV line, Section: Villajoyosa–Benidorm; For Ferrocarriles Andaluces/Andalusian Regional Public Works Agency: Andalusian Crossrail Link, section: Aguadulce–Pedrera and Marchena track-laying base/Railway–tram line between Chiclana and San Fernando. Section: Connecting structure with Seville–Cádiz railway line and track superstructure; For GISA: Track superstructure and catenary for two-way split track between Martorell station and Olesa de Montserrat for FGC/Works from manoeuvring to Hospital de Bellvitge station on FMB line 1; For FGC: Renovation of diversions at Hospitalet station; For GTP: Alicante tram line 2. Section 3 and Section 0; For SFM: Palma–UIB metro line. Phase I/Project to reopen Enllaç station–Artà line. Phase II/ Manacor–Artà construction project. Section III: Son Servera–Artà; For Madrid Metro: Track renovation phase XIV, Section 4: Cartagena–Gregorio Marañón.
INTERNATIONAL: PORTUGAL (REFER EP).: Lowering track in Espinho.
CHILE (EFE): Railway Infrastructure Provision, Central Area Project/Repair of earthquake damage CPIF Centre/Track refurbishment and maintenance, standard A, Section: Talca–Constitución.
FRANCE (SNCF): Track-renovation. Section: Lamothe–Arcachon

Areas Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America.
Certifications Quality assurance: UNE-EN ISO 9001 certified by AENOR (ER - 0440/1995)/Environment: UNE-EN ISO 14001 certified by AENOR (GA - 2000/0050)/Occupational Health and Safety: OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by AUDELCO (SPRL - 051/2007) / RDI: ISO 166002 certified by AENOR (IDI - 0053/2011).
Activities Infraestructure construction, Maintenance, Track.
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