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Postal address Spain
Las Matas II
Paseo del Tren Talgo, 2
E-28290 Las Matas. Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 631 38 00 E-mail Web
Other addresses
Postal address Rivabellosa
Río Bayas, 5
E-01213 Rivabellosa. Alava. Spain

Telephone +34 91 602 20 00
Postal address Maintenance bases
Madrid - Las Matas I
Ctra. N-VI, Km. 23,500
E-28230 Las Matas. Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 636 91 50
Postal address Madrid-Fuencarral
Antonio de Cabezón, s/n
E-28034 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 728 22 07
Postal address Madrid - Santa Catalina
Avd. Santa Catalina, 14
E-28053 Madrid. Spain

Telephone +34 91 785 65 34
Postal address Barcelona – San Andrés
Ferrán Junoy, s/n
E-08030 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 274 52 93
Postal address Barcelona - Can Tunis
Del Tallers Ferroviaris, s/n
E-08040 Barcelona. Spain

Telephone +34 93 336 83 30
Postal address Málaga
Camino de los Prados Ucrania, s/n
E-29006 Málaga. Spain

Postal address USA
Talgo Inc-US
240 South Holgate Street, Building M
Seattle, WA 98134

Telephone +1 206 254 7051 - Web:
Postal address Maintenance facility
240 South Holgate Street, Seattle
Seattle, WA 98134

Telephone +1 206 343 5157
Postal address Marketing and Business Development
PO Box 781689
Orlando, FL 32-878-1689

Telephone +1 321 804 7040
Postal address Public/Government Affairs and Business Development
P.O. Box 9967
Washington, D.C. 20016

Telephone +1 202 438 1253
Patentes Talgo
Al Naeem Dist, Prince Sultan St. Bulding 6420 - Ahmad al-Hamwi, Unit 28, Jeddah 3126
23621 Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Telephone +96 6594496352
Postal address GERMANY
Talgo Deutschland
Revaler Strasse, 99
D-10245 Berlin

Telephone +49 (30) 23 88 000
Postal address INDIA
Talgo India
406 Avanta Business Center, 4th Floor - World Mark 2, Aerocity
New Delhi 110037

Telephone +91 11 4138 7257
Postal address RUSSIA
Talgo Russia
Kievskoe, 1 km, edificio 2, casa 1
Moscow, 121 165

Telephone +7 926 525 2093
Postal address TURKEY
Talgo Turkey
Mahatma Gandi Caddesi NO 90/9 - Buyukesat Çankaya /Ankara
06700 Ankara – Turquía

Telephone +90 312 437 33 93
Postal address KAZAKHSTAN
Office 205/1, Block A, 6 - Konayev Street, Astana
KZ-010000 Astana

Telephone +7 7172606303
Postal address Maintenance facility
Munayshilar Street, 24/4
KZ-010000 Astana

Telephone +7 707 252 0657
Postal address Maintenance facility
Polezhaeva 1 a
KZ-050016 Almaty

Telephone +7 727 296 13 13
Postal address UZBEKISTÁN
Talgo Uzbekistán - Maintenance facility
Railway Station Mustakilik
110815 Provincia de Tashkent, Región Yangiul

Telephone +998 71 2996564
Postal address CONTACT
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Company data
Management team

President: Carlos María de Palacio Oriol. Chief Executive Officer: José María Oriol Fabra. Chief Operating Officer: Francisco J. Borreguero. Chief Financial Officer: Eduardo Fernández-Gorostiaga. Chief Communications Officer: Fernando Aznar. Human Resources and LRP: Yolanda Juanas. Administration and Treasury Manager: Diego Sobrón. Management Control Manager: Julio Domínguez. Subsidiary and Information Systems Manager: Álvaro Segura. Investor Relations Manager: Fco. Javier Oriol. Engineering Manager: Rubén Sánchez. Manufacturing Manager: Roberto Martínez. Maintenance Manager: Luis Alfonso Henar. Planning, Quality and Logistics Manager: Mercedes Izarra. Client Projects Manager: José Ignacio García. R+D and Innovation Manager: Emilio García. Purchasing Manager: Carlos Rodrigo. Maintenance Machinery Manager: Jesús Aranda. Commercial EU-CIS Manager: Enrique Riesco. Commercial Iberia-Latam Manager: Fco. Javier Fernández. Commercial MEA Manager: Mohammad L. Kadra. Commercial APAC Manager: Alejandro Gómez. Internal Audit Manager: María L. Pacheco

Main products and services

Talgo is a Spanish company and a worldwide reference in high speed. ;

Trains: very high speed (Talgo AVRIL and Talgo 350), high speed (Talgo 250, Talgo 250 Dual), Intercity (Talgo ECx, day and overnight Cars - Hotel Train), Commuter & Regional (Vittal) and locomotives;

Maintenance Equipment: Talgo supplies maintenance equipment to operators around the world: Three type of products: Underfloor Wheel Lathes to re-shape the wheels without having to disassemble the bogies, Measurement equipment to analyze wheel imperfections and Talgo shunting cars designed to move trains in a simple and effective manner

Maintenance services: Talgo provides integral maintenance services and rolling stock refurbishment, for both its own vehicles and those of other manufacturers.







Activity Leading Spanish company in the railway sector focused on the design, manufacture and maintenance of rolling stock. With a high international presence, it has gained worldwide recognition due to its innovative capacity, reliability, quality and customer orientation.

Activities by year

Activities in 2019: Talgo continues to consolidate its international presence, where 54% of 2018 orders came from outside Spain, accounting for 48% of turnover, in addition to expanding the range of services to suburban and regional.

Among them, the following projects stand out:

Mecca-Medina project in Saudi Arabia: awarded in 2011 to join these Saudi cities separated by 450 km. It is expected to reduce travel time to 2.5 hours and transport more than 60 million people per year. Due to the terrain conditions, innovative systems have been designed to improve comfort, protection against sand and desert dust. To perform the maintenance functions, Talgo has built its largest maintenance base to date.

Project Egypt, recently signed, Talgo will deliver to the Egyptian operator 6 trains composed of locomotive and 14 cars, in addition to maintenance for 8 years. This strengthens the international position of Talgo, which competed with the main railway manufacturers in the world.

Project Kazakhstan, started almost 20 years ago, has led to Talgo's competitive improvement over other companies, reducing travel time between Almaty and Astana by 12 hours without investments in infrastructure. In 2011 they extended the contract to add 436 additional cars.

Project Uzbekistan, using Talgo 250 units, is the first high-speed train in Central Asia. The service was published in 2011, 2 more units were added in 2015 and another 2 units in 2019. Talgo 250 allows high speed at low cost, with a minimum investment.

Spain Renfe Project, the national operator executed the purchase of an additional 15 years and 30 years of maintenance within the train offer. Avril signed at the end of 2016. The model Talgo Avril, has a novel internal distribution 3 + 2. The capacity of trains without affecting comfort and quality.

Metro Los Angeles Project, Talgo has won the Los Angeles transport consortium contest to remodel their trains, supplied by up to 4 different manufacturers and with intensive use. With this project, Talgo strengthens its position in the United States, expanding its commercial diversification.

DB Germany Project, Talgo has signed a contract with the German operator DB of 23 Talgo 230 units for an amount of 550 million euros, expandable up to 100 units. This project, without being the first that the company makes in Germany, if it is the most ambitious.

Over the past few years, Talgo has confirmed its intention to implement a long-term industrial plan in the United Kingdom. It already has a commercial office in London and is actively searching for sites to build a factory. Also, it was pre-qualified for the HS2 high-speed project, which will link London with Birmingham from 2026 in a first phase. The train offered is the Avril adapted to the UK market, whose role can be crucial in a market that demands capacity. Their intentions in the country are not focused only on the high-speed segment, but they are betting on the different tenders in process for the regional and suburban segment.

2019 is marked by both international high-speed and long-distance projects and the continuous development of solutions for the regional and suburban segments with Vittal. With this product range it will be possible to offer electric, diesel-electric or dual trains, with low consumption and with a single floor at platform height, which speeds loading and unloading of cars by up to 20%, facilitating also access to people with reduced mobility.


Since 2017, Talgo is concentrating its research and innovation efforts on the projects that belong to the framework program Shift2Rail, with the aim of following the solutions of high added value in the medium and long term. Among all projects, those related to the "Innovation Program 1" of Shift2Rail, in which Talgo plays a leading role in the project to lighten the primary structure of the box by using materials other than aluminum and steel. . In addition, Talgo participated in the traction project with the aim of motorizing a stand for a high-speed train, as well as in the rolling project, where Talgo focuses on the development of mechatronic solutions to improve passenger comfort and increase the flexibility in the operation.

Areas Talgo is present in more than 40 countries around the world, including Spain, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, France and the USA, among others..

Activities Mechanical construction, Rolling stock and traction equipment, Auxiliary mechanical equipment, Maintenance.
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