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Postal address Francisco Gervás, 14 – 1º A
E-28020 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 703 76 00 Fax +34 91 703 76 04
Other addresses
Postal address Pza. Circular, 4 – 5ª Plta.
E-48001 Bilbao. Spain

Telephone +34 94 448 86 00 Fax +34 94 447 99 50
Company data
Management team

General Manager: Manuel Martín Abella. Basque Country Delegate: José Antonio González González. Railway Delegate: Enrique Ortiz Aparicio. Financial and Human Resources Director: Ramón Martínez Iglesias. Tender Director: Ignacio Gallego Ferreros.


Main products and services

RAILWAYS: High technology for railways specialising in renovation, construction and maintenance of new and existing railway lines (both HST and conventional), as well as metro and tram lines. Own track-machinery fleet for all gauges at Pancorbo (Burgos) with direct rail link. CONSTRUCTION: Motorways, roads, water works, urban development, environmental actions.


Top products: TRACK: 1. HST Track-Laying Machines, 2. Machine for Positioning and Squaring Railway Sleepers. Squaring Machine y 3. Machine for Automatic Levelling and Alignment of Track on. 

Activity Construction of all kinds of civil works, buildings and special works. High specialization in construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure and superstructure for HST lines, conventional lines, and tram and metro systems.
Activities by year

Main business areas: INFRESTRUCTURE AND SUPERSTRUCTURE FOR HST LINES. Córdoba–Málaga HST line. Platform and track, Section: Gobantes–Abdalajis Tunnel; Madrid–Zaragoza–Barcelona– French Border HST Line. Extension and improvement of Barcelona Sants station and surrounding area. Infrastructure, tracks and platforms/Track-laying, Section: Villafranca–Barcelona. Subsection: Olérdola–Sant Joan D´Espí/Platform and track, Section: Urban tunnels and Gerona Station. Phase I; Madrid–Galicia HST line. Section: Silleda–Vedra–Boqueixón/Project design and track-laying. Section: Olmedo–Pedralba de la Pradería/Platform, Section: Portocamba–Cerdedelo/Platform, Section: Prado tunnel. Left track; Vitoria–Bilbao–San Sebastián HST line. Platform. Section: Arrazua–Ubarrundia–Leguitano. Subsection II; Madrid–Valladolid HST line. Section: Refurbishment of tracks at Madrid Chamartin station/Platform and track, Section: Soto del Real–Segovia. Guadarrama tunnels/Track-lating and gauge changer. Section: Olmedo–Medina del Campo; Bobadilla–Granada HST line. Platform, Section: Archidona–Arroyo de la Negra/Platform, Section: Arroyo de la Viñuela–Quejigares/Platform, Section: Peña de los Enamorados–Archidona (Archidona viaduct)/Track renovation, Section: Quejigares–Loja; Madrid–Costa Blanca HST line. Platform and track, Section: Links to Albacete/Platform: Section: San Isidro–Orihuela/Gabaldón track-laying base/Track-laying. Section: Caudete–Alicante and Almansa–La Encina; Seville–Cádiz HST line. Platform, Section: Utrera–Las Cabezas de San Juan/Track and electrification. Section: Utrera–Jerez Airport. Subsection: Utrera–Las Cabezas de San Juan; Atlantic Link. Platform and track. Section: Uxes–Pocomaco (La Coruña)/River Ulla viaduct; Valladolid–Palencia–León HST line. Track-laying. Section: Palencia–Villada; Valladolid– Burgos HST line. Track-laying. Section: Venta de Baños–Quintana del Puente; Special Works: Platform and track for UIC-gauge rail link between Atocha and Chamartín stations (Madrid)/Works for project to extend the Atocha complex. Phase I.

HST-TRACK MAINTENANCE: Madrid–Seville HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Adamuz–Seville (2010–2014 and 2015–2018); Córdoba–Málaga HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Córdoba–Málaga (2010–2014 and 2015–2018); Madrid–Zaragoza–Barcelona–French Border HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Zaragoza–Barcelona (2010–2014)/Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Barcelona–Figueras (2011–2014); Madrid–Costa Blanca HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions. Section: Madrid–Valencia (2013–2016); Madrid–Valladolid HST line. Maintenance of infrastructure, track and diversions, Section: Madrid–Valladolid (2015–2018) and Section: Olmedo–Pedralba de la Pradería (25 years)

CONVENTIONAL LINES: ADIF. Railway actions: Track renovation on Huesca–Canfranc line. Section: Caldearenas–Jaca. /New Intxaurrondo station. Integration in urban environment/Covering rail box at Vigo-Urzáiz station. Phases I, II and provisional station/Mediterranan Corridor. Renovation of track and catenary. Section: Moncófar–Castellón, Valencia Nord–Sagunto and Sagunto–Castellón / Track renovation. Section: Torrelavega–Santander/Renewal of Almoraima–Algeciras section on Bobadilla–Algeciras line. Subsections from km 1+200 to km 3+100 and from km 6+800 to km 21+600; Elimination of level crossings; Maintenance: Works to prevent fires on conventional lines during 2008–2011 period/Preventive Treatment Plan for Infrastructure, Track and corrective interventions on the Iberian-gauge line of the PTIV conventional network during the period 1 January 2012–31 December 2016  Lot E1: León, Lot C2: Irún, and Lot C1: Burgos;

Department of Railways (Dirección General de Ferrocarriles): Underground link between Atocha and Nuevos Ministerios (Madrid)/Track renovation, Section: Villacañas‑Alcázar de San Juan. /Barcelona–Puigcerdá line. Track renovation and platform treatment. Section: Ripoll–Puigcerdá (Gerona)/Madrid Commuter Services. Modifications of lines C-3 and C-4 at link to Atocha station/Refurbishment of south head at Chamartín/Burial of Málaga–Fuengirola railway line. Section: Los Prados–Airport

SEITT: Station at Jerez de la Frontera Airport and supplementary works/ Refurbishment of Malgrat de Mar commuter-services station.

Renfe Operations (Operadora): Full refurbishment of Tolosa Station/Extension of train-maintenace workshops at Montcada/Maintenance base for electric train units at Jerez de la Frontera.

Renfe Passenger Services (Viajeros): Works to improve access to Bellavista station (Seville)/Access improvements at Pinto station (Madrid)/Access-improvement works at Los Boliches station (Málaga).

METRIC-GAUGE LINES: Track-renovation works: Beranga and Gama stations, Line: Ferrol–Bilbao/Section: Vidiago–Bridge over river Cabra/Section: Xuvia, Cerdido and Ortigueira stations/Section: Balmaseda–Aranguren/Section: Unquera–Cabezón. Railway works: New rail link to Ceasa–Ence from Navia. Section: 1 and 2. Maintenance: Preventive Treatment Plan for Infrastructure and Track and corrective interventions on Adif lines, metric-gauge network, Lot A: Galicia and Asturias/Lot B: Cantabria, Vizcaya and Castile & León

STATE PORTS (PUERTOS DEL ESTADO) For Tarragona Port Authority: Construction of railway tracks at Aragón Quay/Renovation of tracks at Reus Quay; For Huelva Port Authority: Extension of pavement and railway track at Ciudad de Palos Quay/Railway terminal in South Zone; For  Cádiz Bay Port Authority: Construction of interior railway branch lines at La Cabezuela–Puerto Real; For Algeciras Port Authority: Reinforcement of quay and pile-driven beam at Juan Carlos I container terminal for new cranes; For Barcelona Port Authority: Extension of track on adjacent quay/Rail link at Energía Quay/Refurbishment of railway intersections; For Pasajes Port Authority: Extension of track yard at Lezo; La  Coruña Port Authority: Improvements to railway tracks in various areas; For Avilés Port Authority: Construction project to connect rail links to quays on right bank of estuary at the Port of Avilés; For Seville Port Authority: Functional improvements at Tablada Quay/Rehabilitation project for Armamento Quay for goods-train movements.

OTHER RAILWAY AUTHORITIES For Zaragoza HST 2002: New railway complex on Zaragoza Logistics Platform (PLAZA) for transfer of La Almozara, CIM and Delicias facilities; For ETS: Vitoria-Gasteiz tram. Phase 1 Centre branch/Orio bypass on Bilbao–Donostia railway line/ Track renovation, Section: Sondika–Derio/Splitting of Bilbao–Donostia line, Section: Añorga–Rekalde, Lasarte–Rekalde and Ermua/Mechanised track maintenance for ETS railway lines. Bilbao–Ermua. Lot 1: Bilbao–Ermua/Amara external brigade for track maintenance/Works to execute track-superstructure construction project for Bilbao metro line 3. Section 1 San Antonio–Casco Viejo; For Basque Regional Government: Elimination of Maidagan level crossing on Bilbao metro line 1. /Construction of civil works to extend Bilbao tram network. Section: Basurto–Rekalde; For Vizcaya Transport Consortium: Track-laying for Bilbao metro line 2. Section: Portugalete–Santurtzi/Track-laying for Bilbao metro. Section: Santurtzi–Kabiezes/Track renovation. Section: Larrabasterra–Urduliz; For Bilbao Ría 2000: Covering ADIF tracks from new BI-3739 road to Rontegi bridge in Baracaldo/Burial of Basurto FEVE line phase 1; For Metro Madrid: Track supports renewal (Line 7: Pueblo Nuevo station -Barrio de la Concepción station section) / Integral platform renewal between Manuel Becerra and Goya stations (Line 2) and between Goya and Lista stations (Line 4)/ Integral maintenance of switches Lot 1 / Track renewal phase XIV, section 4 Cartagena-Gregorio Marañón; For Bilbao Metro: Maintenance of track superstructure and mechanised conservation of Bilbao Metro, on common section (Basauri–San Inazio), Line 1 (San Inazio–Plentzia) and Line 2 (San Inazio–Santurtzi); For Tenerife Metro: Section I Santa Cruz de Tenerife–La Laguna light railway/Tenerife tram Line 2, La Cuesta–Tincer. Section IV Tincer; For FGV: Track superstructure, Section: Mislata–Quart de Poblet/Track renovation and electrification of Alicante–Denia FGV line, Section: Villajoyosa–Benidorm; For Ferrocarriles Andaluces/Andalusian Regional Public Works Agency: Andalusian Crossrail Link, section: Aguadulce–Pedrera and Marchena track-laying base/Railway–tram line between Chiclana and San Fernando. Section: Connecting structure with Seville–Cádiz railway line and track superstructure; For GISA: Track superstructure and catenary for two-way split track between Martorell station and Olesa de Montserrat for FGC/Works from manoeuvring to Hospital de Bellvitge station on FMB line 1; For FGC: Renovation of diversions at Hospitalet station; For GTP: Alicante tram line 2. Section 3 and Section 0; For SFM: Palma–UIB metro line. Phase I/Project to reopen Enllaç station–Artà line. Phase II/ Manacor–Artà construction project. Section III: Son Servera–Artà; For Madrid Metro: Track renovation phase XIV, Section 4: Cartagena–Gregorio Marañón.


PORTUGAL (REFER EP).: Lowering track in Espinho.

CHILE (EFE): Railway Infrastructure Provision, Central Area Project/Repair of earthquake damage CPIF Centre/Track refurbishment and maintenance, standard A, Section: Talca–Constitución.

FRANCE (SNCF): Track-renovation. Section: Lamothe–Arcachon

Areas Spain, Portugal, France and Latin America.
Certifications Quality assurance: UNE-EN ISO 9001 certified by AENOR (ER - 0440/1995) / Environment: UNE-EN ISO 14001 certified by AENOR (GA - 2000/0050) / Occupational Health and Safety: OHSAS 18001:2007 certified by AUDELCO (SPRL - 051/2007) / RDI: ISO 166002 certified by AENOR (IDI - 0053/2011).
Activities Infraestructure, Maintenance, Track.
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