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Postal address In Spain
Ochandiano, 16
E-28023 Madrid. Spain.
Telephone +34 91 307 78 52 Fax +34 91 307 68 76 E-mail Web
Other addresses
Postal address In Mexico D.F.
Av. Revolución #374
Col. San Pedro De Los Pinos
03800 Mexico DF

Postal address In Argentina
Sarmiento, 654 - Piso 10 Dto. C
B1878GEN, Buenos Aires

Company data

Lead by Antonio Puyol, with 39 years of experience in the sector, and managed by Roberto Puyol, Airtren S.L. is an engineering Company characterized by its dynamism when facing new challenges. His success lies in not looking for customers but good partners, by leaving a trail of commitment and professionalism wherever it goes. This has allowed the company to build a really good network in the railway field.   

Management team

Antonio Puyol Gómez, Roberto Puyol Escolar, Alejandro Machado and Emilio Martín.

Main products and services



Activity Railway Safety, Engineering and Consulting.

Activities by year

Activities in 2007-2020: Consulting and Technical Assistance for the implementation of CBTC system (Communications-Based Train Control) on lines 1 and 6 of Metro de Madrid system. In 68 trains 2000 series and in 48 trains series 5000, respectively; Implementation of the CBTC and Driverless system on Line 7b (Metroeste) of the Madrid Metro; Signaling works and ATP / ATO of the Metronorte and Metroeste lines and Metroeste links with line 7 and Metronorte with line 10 for MINTRA; ATO-CTC for the extensions of the Metro Madrid. Technical Assistance in the Hortaleza Deposit (Madrid); Modifications on Speed ​​Codes and Distance to Go systems in several lines (4, 5 and 10) of the Madrid Metro; Mounting of track in plate and electrification in the new connection between the Atocha and Chamartin stations. Signaling systems and train protection ERTMS, CTC and auxiliary detection systems in the Madrid-Levante High Speed ​​Line (sections: Torrejón-Motilla, Motilla-Albacete and Motilla-Valencia), Olmedo-Zamora-Galicia High Speed ​​Line ( section: Ourense-Santiago), Zaragoza-Huesca High Speed ​​Line; High Speed ​​Line Valladolid-León and Valladolid-Burgos (VALEBU) for ADIF; Works for the Platform Screen Doors installation in the Madrid Metro; Substitution of the catenary of line 2 of Metro de Madrid; Track assembly work in the extension of Line 1 towards the Ensanche de Vallecas. Works for the implantation of electronic interlocking in the Deposit of Canillejas de Metro de Madrid; Implementation and start-up of the concessions of the light rail lines ML 1, ML 2 and ML 3 of the Community of Madrid for MINTRA; Modifications in Substations of the Madrid Metro; Signaling Supervision in several Metro Lines of Madrid. Implementation of rail-ground protection implementation in 18 traction centers of the Madrid Metro. Implementation of the signaling CBTC system and ITCS control center in the La Loma-Ciénaga Line and in the Rolling Stock of FENOCO (Colombia); Implementation of the ERTMS N1 system in the Sarmiento Line of Buenos Aires (Argentina). For the tender for the concession of the Móstoles - Navalcarnero line for OHL; For the tender of the Lima urban train concession for OHL; Of the systems of signaling and protection of the train ERTMS of High Speed ​​Line Zaragoza-Huesca (section: Tardienta-Huesca) for ADIF; Of the systems of signaling and protection of the train ERTMS, CTC and auxiliary detection systems in the Madrid-Levante High-Speed ​​Line (sections: Torrejón-Motilla, Motilla-Albacete and Motilla-Valencia). Of the signaling and protection systems of the ERTMS, CTC and auxiliary detection systems in the Olmedo-Zamora-Galicia High Speed Line (section: Ourense-Santiago) for ADIF; Of the signaling systems of the Granada Tram. Evaluation of proposals to contests of the SCT Mexicana. Inspection of Quito Metro Facilities (Ecuador). Project for the installation of a "distance to go" signaling system (DTG) on Line 5 of the Madrid Metro for Siemens. Inspections of the Level Crossings and of the Crossings between platforms for passengers in stations for the AESF. Drafting of signaling and communications projects for the Asunción-Guardo and Ferrol - Ortigueira railway lines for ADIF. Drafting of Torrelavega Santander Project, and highlighting the recent contract for the technical asistance of the High Speed and  Conventional lines of La Encina - Xàtiva- Valencia.

RAM and Safety Consulting: RAMS Supervision on Lines 1 and 6 of the Madrid Metro; RAMS supervision on Line 7b (Metroeste) of the Madrid Metro; RAMS Supervision in the Hortaleza Deposit (Madrid); Supervision of the project of the First Line of the Bogotá Metro PLMB (Colombia); Supervision of the Marmaray project (Turkey);  Inspection of the signaling facilities of Line 5 of the Madrid Metro; Safety analysis of Platform Screen Doors for Metro de Madrid; Management of the Acceptance of Functionality and Safety (RAMS) of Interlockings for Metro de Madrid; Prospecting and feasibility study of the integral automation of a current Metro de Madrid line; Improvement of safety in the works of railway signaling installations; For the IP / MPLS network of EFE (Chile). RAMS study for the Interurban train from Toluca to Mexico D.F. (Mexico). Expert opinion of the unfortunate ANGROIS accident for ADIF. Drafting of the Safety Dossiers of the stations of Torrelavega to Santander for the UTE of construction. Technical Assistance in railway safety matters for the Conselleria de Politica Territorial, Obras Públicas y Movilidad de la Generalitat Valenciana.

Assessment Body "AsBo": Independent Safety Assessment (ISA): Of generic products (DTG-TC, DCOBF, LED Focus, SAVI, etc.); For specific applications (CBTC Sirius system in Line 7 of Madrid Metro, Sirius CBTC system in Rolling Stock Series 9000 of Madrid Metro, ITCS system in La Loma-Cienaga Line of FENOCO, ITCS system shipped in the Rolling Stock of FENOCO, etc.) ISA of the installation of a "distance to go" signaling system (DTG) on Line 5 of the Madrid Metro for Siemens; Modifications HW and SW of specific applications for ALSTOM TIS, SIEMENS, THALES Spain GRP, SISTEM, etc. in Murcia, Pontevedra, Gijón, Cantúnez, LAV Madrid-Levante (Albacete, Tarancón, Chivas, Valencia, ERTMS of Córdoba Málaga, Gaucín- Algeciras, Murcia, BAB Aranjuez, Eurobalizas Trip in Seville - Cadiz, León, Pancorbo and Granada), FGV, TMB, and several other interlocks of railway stations. ISA Evaluation of the Falling Objects Detection Equipment by Fiber Optic Cutting. AsBo for the Extremadura Line together with a partner.

R&D Projects: Determining the risk accepted level of Spanish in-service railway for different subsystems (CEDEX). Development of a wireless RCM system for monitoring rail assets (Wireless Railway Condition Monitoring, R&D&i 7thFP). TRANSRIFLEX: Rail Inspection by Flexible Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer, H2020). Development of a system for crossing inspection (Synthetic Aperture Focusing Technique, R&D&i 7thFP) and later with the H2020 its entry to commercialization. 2020 comes along with the start of a new project funded by CDTI for a New application of high performance for verification of signaling railway systems.

Occupational Health and Safety Coordination in several works of ADIF, Metro de Madrid and MINTRA.

Products and Systems: SIMOVE: On-board speed monitoring system developed with the Metropolitan of Tenerife WIRAIL: Wireless system for monitoring train parameters. CROSS INSPECT:: System for the inspection of railways crossings. RIFLEX: System for speed inspection of the lane. EcoS Intelligent energy measurement system on board of mobile material.


Areas All over the world.

Certifications Quality, Environment and health and safety: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and 45001:2018.

Turnover Consolidated group with Mexico.
No. of employees Large team of railway engineers.
R&D Investment 4%
Activities Training, certification, research, Engineering and consulting, Others.
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