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Ricardo Certification Iberia S.L.

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Postal address Agustín de Foxá, 29 - Pl. 9 Mod. B
E-28036 Madrid. Spain
Telephone +34 91 138 47 20 E-mail Web
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Ricardo Certification Iberia S.L. is part of the Ricardo Certification group, which offers certification and independent assurance services. In this line of business, there are other subsidiaries of Ricardo Certification offering the same services with different technical and geographical scopes. Ricardo Certification provides these services to the railway sector both nationally and internationally through its centres in Spain, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Denmark, Middle East and Asia.

Main products and services

Ricardo Certification Iberia S.L. provides the following accredited services:

-  Notified Body (NoBo) on behalf of Ricardo Certification Ltd. accredited by RvA and UKAS.

-  Designated Body (DeBo) accredited by ENAC.

-  Assessment Body (AsBo) accredited by ENAC.

-  Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) accredited by ENAC.



Top product: TRAINING, CERTIFICATION, RESEARCH: Railway certification accredited services: “CE” Interoperability Verification Services, National standards verification and risk analysis assessment



Activity EC Interoperability Verification Services as Notified Body (NoBo) on behalf of Ricardo Certification Limited. Designated Body services (DeBo). Risk analysis assessment as Assessment Body (AsBo). Independent Safety Assessor (ISA). Moreover, inspection services, audits on railway assets, assessment of safety critical software, etc.

Activities by year

Activities in 2018-2019:

* EC Interoperability Verification Services for rolling stock aimed to obtain the authorisations form National Safety Authorities in countries like Spain, UK, Denmark and The Netherlands. Ricardo Certification performs certification projects of multiple units, wagons, coaches, locomotives or on-track machines.

* National Standards assessment services (Especificaciones Técnicas de Homologación, Especificación técnica de ancho métrico) related to different types of rolling stock.

* Independent Safety Assessment services for rolling stock according EN-50126. Ricardo Certification Iberia is the ISA of the new Tram for the city of Utrecht.

* Risk analysis assessment services for rolling stock projects according 402/2013 regulation.

* Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) according EN-50126, EN-50128 and EN-50129 of signalling systems generic applications, like level crossing controller generic platforms, interlocking systems, Railway Balise, Field Detectors Concentrators and software applications for different railway suppliers.

* Independent Safety Assessment (ISA) according EN-50126, EN-50128 and EN-50129 of signalling systems specific application projects at national and international level like ISA of the specific application CBTC system installed in Line 2 of Metro Changsha (China), ISA of the signalling system ERTMS level 1 specific application in Turkey or ISA of several projects of modifications in the conventional railway signalling system.

* EC Interoperability Verification Services for railway infrastructure and emergency projects according to TSIs Infrastructure, Energy and CCS.

* Risk Analysis Assessment services for Infrastructure Works for infrastructure managers and port authorities according to regulation 402/2013.

* Provision of auditing services for vehicle maintenance regimes and assessment of depreciation curves, covering series 3000-6000-7000-8000-9000 operated by Madrid Metro.


Areas In 16 countries, besides Spain.

Certifications Ricardo Certification Iberia on behalf of Ricardo Certification Limited:
- Notified body, NoBo by UKAS accreditation.
- ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Assurance), ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental) and OHSAS 18001: 2007 (Health & Safety) by LRQA.

Ricardo Certification Iberia S.L:
- Inspection body (ISA/AsBo). ENAC accreditation.
- Designated body, (DeBo). ENAC accreditation.

Share capital Traded Entity, London stock market
Turnover 380 million Pounds (Ricardo Group)
Results Operating profit: 39 million Pounds (Ricardo Group)
No. of employees 2,852
R&D Investment 9,5 million Pounds (Ricardo Group)
Activities Training, certification, research.
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