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            The first 25 years of the AVE                            4      (for PC, iPad or Tablet)
            25 years of Spanish high speed rail: a success case     7              11 issues a year
            Evolution of the network. From 471 to over 2.900 kilometres            Price per issue:     €6
            of high speed line in 25 years                         12              Annual subscription:   €40
            High Speed Rail Operations                             40
            A quarter century of technological development         44            Vía Libre digital version
            High speed rolling stock                               54       (for PC, iPad or Tablet)
            Avril by Talgo: Renfe’s new high-speed, variable gauge train   62  11 issues a year
            Catering on AVE trains; 25 years of the best onboard service   69      Price per issue:   €2.99
            Euromed: twenty years of transforming the passenger service on         Quarterly subscription:   €7.99
            the conventional network                               72              Annual subscription:   €29
            The human factor: The future was beginning             77
            High speed rail; wealth creator                        82            Vía Libre portal:
            Rail is speed                                          97       • Newsletter - Daily news bulletin
            The construction of the Madrid-Seville line           101                        (free subscription)
            The first Andalusia Access project via Brazatortas    104       • Daily press summary (free subscription)
            A quarter of a century of AVE bibliography            108
            The AVE in art                                        112            Vía Libre International
            My camera                                             114
                                                                            • Spanish Railway News - Quarterly bulletin in English
                             All mAps, tAbles And grAphs of this speciAl issue Are tAken from the high speed AtlAs        (free subscription)
                                              of the fundAción de los ferrocArriles espAñoles
                                               cover photo: lunA (víA libre Archive)
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             Published by: Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles • 54th year • 25th Anniversary special issue
                       Members of the Fundación de los Ferrocarriles Españoles Trust
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                         Managing Director of FFE: César Felipe López Sánchez
                Editorial board: César Felipe López Sánchez, Alberto García Álvarez, José Luis Semprún,   Combined print versions
                 Iñaki Garay, Mónica Marín Díaz, Antonio Berrios Villalba, Juan Antonio López Aragón,
                José Luis González, Eva Miquel Subías, Carlos Abad Martín and Manuel Sempere Luján.  of yearbook and directories:
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